Monday, November 1, 2021




Doll pigtails are fun and cute. The doll photos and videos I like the most show the doll more realistic and played with. For mature humor Sam and Mickey on YouTube is ... hilarious. Their stop motion is well written and wonderfully styled. It is mature humor because it is so realistic to the life situations. Being more open about human flailings lets us transend them. What better way than through humor. If you spot it, you got it. Now, what do about it?

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Doll Sweater

This sweater is off to its new home. When I knit this sweater I did not write down the pattern, so it is truly one of a kind. This doll was an ebay find. I can not remember the name. It is made by Robert Tonner, I think in the Tyler Wentworth series. It is 16 inches with poseable arms and legs. I learned to knit when I found Blythe dolls about 10 years ago. I wanted to make cabled little sweaters. That was before YouTube is what it is today. I tried knitting books, but I couldn't figure it out. I signed up for a community class taught by a woman has from Honduras. She was wonderful. She spun around the room of about 10 novice knitters and showed us how to knit over the course of 6 Tuesday evenings. What a beautiful gift she gave us.

Wednesday, March 10, 2021



I did it. Shopify. A year ago I was on vacation from work. I made these icosahedrons from beautiful cardboard on packaging. I spent the whole week of staycation cutting and glue cardboard. This year I am trying to figure out Shopify. I need to be working on my taxes. I am trying to do it myself this year with rental property. I may need to go the accountant route again ... Anyway, first day on Shopify with items listed. I don't really like the theme, but I need to work with it some more. After sending the last several hours on the computer, I am ready for some knitting and getting lost in a Gaia TV show.

Tuesday, March 2, 2021


There is more joy in my day when I get into my pattern collection, yarn stash, and/or fabric sewing room. I stopped making things for a few years. I missed making things. They make me feel cozy. Playful beauty returns to my space.

I am trying to find the best light in this house to take pictures. I like connecting with people with things I make. I like meeting other people that make things. I am at complete awe of those who have found a way to truly making a living making their creations. I went to school for something different than art. I like the balance of working and then making.

But, anyway, taking pictures. If I want to be on the internet, I need good pictures. I think I found the room and set up. These are pictures of deer I made for my nieces as they went back to school during covid last fall. I used the pattern in Simply Adorable Crochet, by Maki Oomaci. The face masks are my addition ;) The pictures are a little dark. I have tried many ....many ways to take pictures. It is the last obstacle.

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Yoga on my head

I conquered the yoga head stand bench. I still need to work on keeping my body straight, but my feet are up in the air! Yea! 

Trying to give myself time to figure out this online maze. What are my objectives? To make things and share (via sales) with people. Will I make a living at this? Questionable. As Henry Ford said, "You get what you believe". I believe I like making things. I like the things I make. I only carry the bags I make because I love them! This is one outlet of my life. I grow when I am around people. It is a difficult growing because my introverted self prefers to isolate. My job forces me to be around people, difficult at times, but good. 

Patience. I think I am a patient person until things take longer than I would like or don't go smoothly. I started listing bags on BigCartel, but there are things I don't like. I like Shopify, but do I believe in myself enough to pay the fee and try? I tried to do this before, about ten years ago, and got distracted. 

Some of the most magical and calming memories I have from 10 years ago that give me joy are when I followed independent artists like My Paper Crane, Euro Trash, Vanilla Dolly, Squeaky Monkey, and Brandi Shigley. I am so thankful they opened that part of their lives. It was/is inspiring to watch their talent and creations expand. They spread the love.

Friday, February 12, 2021


Things I make are like snap shots into time. What was go'n on? We are almost a year into covid. I am feeling overwhelmed being on hold. I want to do the right thing for everyone and myself. We are in this together. Not just my street, my city, my state, my country, but my world. Diversity is true beauty it all its facets.