Sunday, July 3, 2022

Start again

If it is true failure is the path to success, then I am doing ok. For whatever reason, I like to make things with yarn and fabric, play with graphics on photoshop, and package up and send items that people have purchased from me. I have other things I should be doing, but here I am... again. When this part of my life is flowing, I feel right. It is the process, not the outcome. I am letting go of failure or success in my making trek.

And, I need to give myself a break. It has been a difficult year. I tell myself I am fine, because I have to be to keep going. I am so thankful to the abundance universe that has supported me when I ask for clarity, the push to put my feet on the floor in the morning, the beautiful sun in the sky, the music on my ipad from amazing musicians, the strangers who look me in the eye and say 'hello', and yarn.

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