Tuesday, March 2, 2021


There is more joy in my day when I get into my pattern collection, yarn stash, and/or fabric sewing room. I stopped making things for a few years. I missed making things. They make me feel cozy. Playful beauty returns to my space.

I am trying to find the best light in this house to take pictures. I like connecting with people with things I make. I like meeting other people that make things. I am at complete awe of those who have found a way to truly making a living making their creations. I went to school for something different than art. I like the balance of working and then making.

But, anyway, taking pictures. If I want to be on the internet, I need good pictures. I think I found the room and set up. These are pictures of deer I made for my nieces as they went back to school during covid last fall. I used the pattern in Simply Adorable Crochet, by Maki Oomaci. The face masks are my addition ;) The pictures are a little dark. I have tried many ....many ways to take pictures. It is the last obstacle.

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